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Processes related to garnetting and recycling textiles have a positive impact on the environment.
They help reduce the production of waste and limit the use of the resources needed to produce new goods.

Use in production:
- soft nonwovens
- hard nonwovens
- silencing materials (car production)
- silencing materials (production of household goods)
- fillers (upholstered furniture)
- fillers (plush toys)
- fillers (beds for pets)
- fillers (duvets, pillows, mattresses)

Garnetted stock is a product which is obtained during the process of recycling both pure post-production textile snippets and used clothes. Garnetted stock consists of different kinds of material – both natural materials like wool or cotton and synthetic fabrics like polyester or viscose.
We offer both coloured and white garnetted stock.
We are able to adjust the degree to which the stock is garnetted as well as the gauge and structure of garnetted stock accordingly to clients’ requirements.
The goods are packed in approx. 300-400 kg bales wrapped in a transparent, propylene package or according to client’s preference.
We offer garnetted stock for both domestic and outdoor market.




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